Allos | Part of Fiven

Allos is an international consulting company, founded in 1992 in Italy and a pioneer in the implementation of HR projects with high value content. We pioneered e-Learning solutions in Italy and shortly after on Cloud solutions.

Since 2022 Allos is Part of Fiven Group, an Innovation Company specialized in innovative consulting services and AI solutions for Digital Transformation.

We offer a complete and concrete service offering, from strategic support in business partnership logic for HR and IT to the implementation of solutions and change management needed to support initiatives. We help you achieve your business goals with proven models, methodologies, ideas and solutions thanks to a concrete experience made up of more than 30 years of history and more than 500 of the most important international clients.

What sets us apart

We act on all three planes of HR support: strategy and models, solutions and technologies, change management, and supporting digital content.

We simplify and make processes and operations smarter in organizations by leveraging the best Cloud ERP systems and our established industry expertise.

We constantly target innovation, which we see as key to the evolution of Employee Experience and your business.

We combine these drivers to increase the value of your services and to be a benchmark and trusted partner as an Innovation Company in the technology market.

Our history

Allos was founded in 1992 starting to take its first steps on the market as a pioneering company in e-Learning and shortly thereafter on Cloud HR solutions.

Allos has a strong character and affirms its identity by always responding in an innovative way to the evolving needs of the HR world of companies. In these 30 years we have ranged in the field of HR support technology, developing strategies, implementing technological architectures, creating digital content and innovative proprietary solutions that have revolutionized the landscape of HR solutions. Through partnerships with national and international brands, we have generated synergies that have allowed us to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Milestone di Allos dal 1992 al 2022

We are Allos (in greek: different)

Innovators from birth and passionate about digital transformation in all its forms.

We have become

An excellence, a reference point for companies looking for a reliable partner who is always ready to enthusiastically welcome challenging projects!

And we keep thinking Allos

To allow you to achieve what others cannot even imagine!

Allos quality

Allos - HR Innovation complies with the requirements of the standard for the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 for the following application fields:

  • Design, implementation and management of information systems, in particular those referring to talent management and its forms (e-learning, performance, skills, knowledge management).
  • Design and implementation of “rich multimedia content” in multichannel mode (desktop, web and mobile) for teaching and communication.
  • EA Sector 33 - Certificate no. 17315-2007-AQ-ITA-SINCERT

To view the ISO 9001 Certificate and the Quality Policy you can frame the QR code with your device or click here.