HR Fashion / Luxury / Retail

Allos has consolidated its "Experienced Practices" in an HR solution that collects specific services for the management of a person's entire career, within a Fashion / Luxury and Retail company.

All our models and services derive from our experience in the sector, based on a solid customer base and more than 25 years of experience.

The Allos HR Retail solution is based on SAP SuccessFactors technology, the most advanced technology adopted on a global scale.


Do you want to work on these aspects?

Quick Hiring

The high turnover of staff at the point of sale requires a quick recruitment process that involves the right people to recruit the best figures.

Constant training

Skills and product knowledge are crucial. The store staff must be constantly trained to meet any customer request.

Incentives management

Clearly communicating company objectives and related incentives helps sales staff to keep them motivated to achieve them.

Planning and monitoring

It governs the forecasting of the workforce and manages the budgeting, reporting and planning of labor costs from a final and forecasting perspective, to enable informed decisions.

Quick Recruitment


Quick Recruitment

Application Portal
Design an application portal that attracts the best profiles and communicates your corporate identity. Highlight your open position and trace the application path to make a better decision.

Curriculum Analysis
Reduce screening times by leveraging automated tools that quickly analyze thousands of documents and data to classify profiles based on your search.

Video Interviews
Video interviews, advanced evaluation, sentiment analysis and other artificial intelligence tools to power your recruiting process.


Store Engagement App


Store Engagement App

Quick Content
Quickly generate high-impact content, training and information about your business (for example games, contests, etc.), drastically reduce the time for dissemination of communication to the points of sale.

Constant training
Enable a continuous flow of product communication and share information and communications to support sales goals.

Make all content and information easily available and engaging (create for example: quick pools, discussion groups, chats, etc.).


Digital Workplace


Digital Workplace

Sharing and Collaboration
Collect all information, communications and access to services in a single environment. People will be able to find relevant information, collaborate and share knowledge, ideas and communications.

User Experience
Provide your people with simple, fast and targeted communications that will improve their productivity and effectiveness, reducing the learning effort and related costs.

Corporate Identity
Communicate and share corporate information by effectively strengthening the corporate identity and their respective brands.


Incentives Management


Incentives Management

Performance Management
Design a staff evaluation process linked to motivating incentive models.

Incentives Planning
Manage dynamic incentive plans based on specific attributes.

Multi-device payslip
Make payroll and incentive data available directly from smartphones and tablets.


Analysis and planning


Analysis and planning

Analysis Models
Learn from the past through ready-to-use analytical models. They will help you manage the main Kpis of your plants.

Predictive Analysis
Build predictive models to provide better guidelines to achieve business success.

Planning Models
Plan the future in a shared environment by gathering your business needs from the bottom and designing different scenarios for the growth of your people.


Allos HR Retail contains all these ready-to-use HR processes. They are based on the experiences that many companies in your industry have already made with us. Our approach will adapt to your decisions: you will only use the data that best suits your needs. This means for your business business results in less time and with less costs.

Why is Allos HR Retail the right choice

Stay in your budget

Choose the best solution based on your investment availability. Select the bundles in relation to your priorities, you will only invest the resources available for your project.

Respect your time

Relying on our approach and exploiting our methodology will result in a significant reduction in time compared to traditional methods.

Make the change

Allos HR Retail allows you to communicate and involve your people to guarantee you the concrete realization of every change.

Do you want to deepen with Allos?

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  • Stay in your budget
    Choose the best solution based on your investment availability.

  • Respect your time
    Relying on our approach and taking advantage of our methodology will correspond to a significant reduction in time compared to traditional methods.

  • Make the change
    Allos HR Retail allows you to communicate and involve your people to guarantee you the concrete realization of every change.

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    Allos has an excellent delivery skill in a short time

    Donato Fiore – Human Resources Director – Sonepar Italia 

    I have known Allos for over 10 years and what I have appreciated since then is their skill to stay by your side through unforeseen events and, above all in such an efficient e fast way

    Marcello Bugari – Academy and Internal Communication – Reale Group

    Allos is an efficient, well prepared and trustworthy partner. I suggest it to all the companies that want to work on their HR systems and that want a big added value support

    Head of Training & Development – Gruppo Fashion

    The Allos Team has proved to be qualified, professional and extremely helpful in all the occasions it had to work with us

    Mario Calabrò – IT Manager

    In the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central implementation, the Allos Team has proved to be qualified on the product and able to efficiently interact with the main stakeholders of the project. I’m very satisfied by their work

    P.P Demand Manager ICT, Finance Administration, Control & Human Resources – Alfasigma

    The individual skills and people have a fundamental value. We have decided, in association with a strong push towards the digitalization and the technological integration, to design a global management and people development model: C-People

    Francesco Minichini, ICT Program Manager Chiesi Group 

    C-People is the first global project that has involved both HR and IT roles, in order to design a new Employee Experience for the people at Chiesi, but also to implement the future HR strategies

    Marco Camin, Group HR Analytics & HRIS Manager Chiesi Group